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Primers for Interior & Exterior Walls


New technology white waterborne primer, based on acrylic resins, for exterior and interior use, that can be colored through Vitex Coloring System and increases coverage by reducing the numbers of layers required of topcoat.
By working inside the color space of the topcoat color, the right shade of primer allows the topcoat to more fully and more quickly develop its true color.
It is colored in 3 shades, Yellow, Red and Gray, depending on the final shade and based on the color space of the topcoat color, to reduce the number of layers in final shades made from a transparent base. It can also be colored for shades made from medium and white base for extra coverage.
It has very good hiding power, is applied easily, dries fast, has high spreading rate and is used as an undercoat for all waterbased paints of Vitex. It improves appearance, adhesion and weather resistance of topcoat.
Available Packages: 750ml & 3L & 10L

Application by brass, roller & Spray gun

Spreading rate:10-12 m2/L


Ecological, silicone acrylic, water-based transparent primer, specially designed for strong adhesion and outstanding penetration into porous mineral substrates, because of its small particle size (< 0.05 μm). It is certified according to the criteria of the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB). It is suitable for both interior and exterior use. It exhibits low water absorption, waterproofing characteristics, high water vapour permeability and excellent alkali resistance. It can be used as ideal undercoat for surfaces (plaster, concrete, bricks, inferior quality paints etc.) that are planned to be painted with water-based paints (emulsions, acrylics, elastomeric, relief, etc.). It is environmentally and user friendly, because does not contain ammonia or other dangerous substances, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, free formaldehyde, heavy metals or alkylphenolethoxylates.
Available Packages: 1L - 5L - 15L
Colors: Transparent

Application by brass, roller & Spray gun

Spreading rate:12-14m2/Λίτρο


Clear, solvent-based acrylic undercoat with high water resistance and vapour permeability. It exhibits strong adhesion and high penetration in porous surfaces such as plaster, concrete, bricks, plaster boards etc. and also surfaces coated with low quality paints or distempers. It is resistant to moisture and provides an ideal undercoat for emulsion, acrylic or masonry paints, relief and waterproofing coatings.
Available Packages: 1L - 5L - 15L
Colors: Transparent

Application by brass, roller & Spray gun

Spreading rate:14-16m2/Λίτρο


Semi-transparent water-based primer of 100% acrylic resins. It is
used as an undercoat for Vitex's water-based paints (emulsion, acrylic, cement paints, relief, etc.). It is very easy to apply and has high spreading rate. It improves the appearance, hiding power and weather resistance of the final coat. It is a suitable primer for alkaline surfaces as well because it impregnates and stabilizes them. Virtually odourless during its application because it does not contain ammonia.
Available Packages: 750 mL - 3L - 10L
Colors: Semi-Transparent

Application by brass, roller & Spray gun

Spreading rate:18-20m2/Λίτρο


Water based acrylic primer for interior use withexcellent filling properties on plaster-board surfaces and every other interior surface such as plaster, concrete etc. due to its exceptional filling properties, the absorbency difference between the plaster-board and all the surrounding surfaces to be painted is compensated. Moreover, it covers completely any unevenness of the plaster-boards' paper. Surfaces primed with Plaster-board Primer can be painted with any water-based decorative paint resulting in an excellent and even finishing, even when only a single layer of primer is applied. Virtually odourless during its application.
Available Packages: 3L - 10L
Colors: White

Application by brass, roller & Spray gun

Spreading rate:12-14m2/Λίτρο

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