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which enjoys the attention, protection, consistency
and the respect of Tsakonas Building Materials
with reliable products of recognized value,
from top brands of building industry
and provide solutions where needed

Before, during and after the purchase of the products,

we are close to you to ensure your choice

We make the construction

easier and quicker than ever

Construction, repair, maintenance, refurbishment, decoration,

anything you need, find it here

We know the technical crews

who can apply the products
that you bought and we recommend

We offer generously our long-standing know-how

on every technical issue, problem or worry


Our story

The company has been active in the construction sector since 1965. In the early years, its main occupation was earthworks and the supply of aggregates to works.
As the years go by, the product range has been continuously expanding with building materials. Today, with more than 50 years of upward progress and recognition in the field, the company has taken the form of a service center. Featuring over 6000 turnkey hardware codes, as well as a fleet of special machines - unique to the wider area - is the solution for any new or existing project.

Serving area is Halkidiki and Thessaloniki.

Our policy

● We work together with the largest manufacturers of building materials.
● We support Greek products and Greek companies.
● We aim at high quality materials at affordable prices.
● We provide state-of-the-art products.
● We seek fast customer service.
● We upgrade our machinery and facilities.
● We share our construction experience with our customers.
● We operate, with consistency, speed, credibility and respect for customer-partner.

Our website is designed to remotely access our customers in our list of building materials and our services.

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