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We always try to better serve our customers.
We provide solutions to the delivery of our products, the collection of building debris as well as the search for technical crews.

Technical Crews

Are you are looking for:
● Engineer?
● Construction Builder?
● Hydraulic Engineer?
● Painter Decorator?
● Plasterboard Technician?
● Electrician?
We know the appropriate crews for any construction, maintenance or renovation that you want to make and we recommend.

Buckets for the collection of dams

We fully serve our projects in all (re) building phases.
We provide a solution to our customers by providing buckets for the collection of dams.

Products Delivery

To transport our products, we have a modern fleet of cranes and dump trucks.
We have the ability to deliver our products wherever you wish, up to the 7th floor of your apartment building
The delivery of materials is always immediate and on the same day.
Transfer is free of charge.
Do you build or renovate your home or office?
Are you looking for an experienced technician to apply the materials you bought from our store?
Just fill out the form below and we will soon contact you to recommend the right craftsmen.
We are confident about our collaborating crews and the quality of the work they provide and we suggest them.

* With asterisks mandatory

Technical Crew REQUEST FORM
  * You are a private or a professional:

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