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Concrete and mortar admixtures work in a physicochemical way and offer a variety of improvements in fresh mixes, facilitating the user in his work and in hardened mixtures, positively affecting the quality and service life of structures. They are mainly added to the mass of fresh cement mixtures giving them improved or additional properties. This expands the application possibilities. In a very simple way, ie by adding small quantities of these materials, spectacular improvements in the quality of concrete and mortars are achieved.

Concrete admixtures

● Concrete plasticizer / superplasticizer admixtures
Sika® Plastiment®-20 R

Concrete retarder
Sika® Plastiment®-20 R is a liquid concrete diffuser and water rescuer / plasticizer.

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Sika® Plastiment®-30 GR

Retarder - concrete plasticizer
® Plastiment®-30 GR is a manifold use of concrete fluidizer with deceleration of setting. Sika® Plastiment®-30 GR is used for good quality concrete, which also needs to maintain workability.

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Sika® Plastiment®-15

Sika® Plastiment®-15 is highly effective in hot weather concreting to offset the accelerating effects of high ambient temperatures by slowing the hydration reaction and controlling the hydration heat. Concrete workability is enhanced and a superior surface finish is obtained. In mass concrete pours Sika® Plastiment®-15 controls temperature rise and reduces the risk of thermal cracking.    
Initial set times are delayed, allowing time for proper placement and finishing without cold joints in hot weather conditions.
Sika® Plastiment®-15 increases concrete density and delivers increased early and ultimate, compressive and flexural strengths.
For flatwork applications Sika® Plastiment®-15 acts as a finishing aid, workability is improved, bleeding is controlled and a superior surface finish is obtained.

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Sika® ViscoCrete® Techno-10+

New generation concrete superplasticizer
® ViscoCrete® Techno-10+ is a powerful one superfluidizer, offering high initial mixture workability and in addition:
Offers concrete with S4 class seating & S5, even in cases with low W / T ratio
● Produces a mixture of concrete with very high fluidity
● Leads to the production of concrete with high initial and final strengths
● Its action results in reduced shrinkage and reduced creep
● Can be used for concrete constructions of exceptional durability, as well as with very good aesthetic results
● Sika® ViscoCrete® Techno-10 does not contain chlorides or other ingredients that corrode the reinforcement. It is therefore suitable for reinforced and prestressed concrete.

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High performance concrete superplasticizer
®-250 is a high performance new generation concrete superplasticizer. SikaPlast®-250 is a versatile superplasticizer, particularly suitable for concrete plants. In addition, it offers high water reduction and contributes to the production of an improved concrete mix.

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High range water reducer/ Concrete superplasticizer
It is used for preparing pumpable and fair-faced concrete with dense reinforcement or/and thin cross section. Reduces required mixing water during preparation and improves significantly workability of ready mixed concrete.

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● Concrete accelerator admixtures

Concrete setting time accelerator
®-2 is a new curing accelerator technology for concrete and mortars, which contributes to the increase of early strength, especially before 24 hours.
Significantly accelerates the onset of endurance development, without adversely affecting end strengths.
● Does not affect the viscosity of the mixture
● Increases early endurance (<24 hours)
● Accelerates decomposition significantly techno-economic benefits
● Does not contain chlorine - suitable for prestressed and reinforced concrete

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Concrete hardening accelerator
Anti-freeze action for concreting at low temperatures. Combines degrading of water’s freezing point and developing of concrete’s early strengths so it can withstand the tensions developed by formatting ice expansion. VIMATOL-BE is used in general where setting acceleration after concreting is being required.

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● Concrete setting retarder admixtures

Concrete setting retarder
Its use is mandatory for the delivery of ready-mixed concrete especially under high temperatures. Allows continuous concreting, prevents creating of work joints and improves workability of concrete.

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Sika® Antisol® E

Concrete curing agent
® Antisol® E is a ready-to-use, liquid curing agent to prevent premature water loss from the freshly laid concrete surface. Forms a thin surface film and without disturbing the setting process, the concrete matures smoothly to obtain its optimal properties.

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Sika® Antisol® S

Special water evaporation control fluid in concrete
® Antisol® S is a ready-to-use wet curing aid that, when applied to a freshly sprayed concrete surface, creates a protective film that reduces water evaporation. This ensures protection of the concrete until the cement is completely hydrated.

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SikaCem® Dιsactivant 2-4

SikaCem® Dιsactivant 2-4 is a water-based concrete surface retarder, for creating surfaces with visible aggregates at a depth between 2-4mm. SikaCem® Dιsactivant 2-4 has additional excellent improver features maturation.

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SikaCem® Dιsactivant 4-6

Water-based surface concrete setting retarder at a depth of 4-6mm
® Dιsactivant 4-6 is aqueous, concrete surface setting retarder, for creating surfaces with visible inerts at depth between 4-6mm. SikaCem® Dιsactivant 4-6 has
additional excellent features as an improver maturation. 

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● Crystalline waterproofing admixtures
Sika® WT-200 P

Crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture
® WT-200 P is a combined action admixture: it is a concrete mass sealant and crystal action sealant. It is used to reduce the permeability of concrete and to enhance its self-healing properties by creating crystalline compounds that seal micro-cracks.
Sack 18kg
Box of 10 water-soluble bags of 1.75kg

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Concrete admixture in powder form for waterproofing and protection of concrete. It creates crystals which close porous and hair cracks on surface of concrete. It can be used at concrete production plants (before adding water) or on-site (after mixing cement with water).
Ideal for waterproofing of foundations, underground areas, water tanks, swimming pools, etc.

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Crystal growth, cementitious powder, waterproofing system added to concrete as an admixture. The product can be used in the ready mix plant with the form of powder, directly added in the pre-weighted dry parts of concrete (in the lift-band), before the water addition or by addition in the mix truck, at the job site, right after the mixing (with electric mixer) with water – in the special mixing pails with measure. Mixing water ratio: mix well ½ of 18 Kg bag with 11.5 Lt water. The small packaging of 3.75 Kg pail is convenient for the production of waterproofed mortars or small quantity of concrete in a small mixer. Mixing time in the mix truck or small mixer is at least 5 min.
The recommended PENETRON ADMIX® ratio for permanently waterproofed concrete is 0.8-1% by weight of cement. For regular concrete ~300 Kg cement, we use 3 Kg product powder per m3 of concrete. E.g. for 9 m3 mix truck we use: 3 Kg x 9 = 27 Kg, that is 1½ PENETRON ADMIX® bag. It is easier to cut in half the bags, then mix 3 half bags in 3 mixing pails with 11.5 Lt water each. For the production of waterproofed mortars (cement content >250 Kg/m3), the mixing of 0.5-1.0 Kg PENETRON ADMIX® per 50 Kg of cement is recommended.

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Crystal growth, cementitious powder, waterproofing system added to concrete as an admixture. Same technology as the above existing packaging of PENETRON ADMIX®, but with the ability, due to its water soluble packaging, of adding it directly to the mix truck (without previous mixing with water). Also, it contains a special traceable coloring (green) indicator for the right dosage laboratory control.
Based on the indicative ratio of 0.8-1% by weight of cement, we add, one by one the water soluble bags, in the mix truck, same quantity as the total m3 of concrete of the mix truck. Attention: mix in the mix truck in high speed for at least 5 - 10 min, after the addition of the last package of the soluble bag. 

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● Concrete waterproofing admixtures
Sika® WT-140 L

Concrete and mortar waterproofing admixture
® WT-140 L is a liquid sealant used to reduce the water permeability of concrete and cementitious mortars. In addition to the Sika® ViscoCrete® and Sika® ViscoFlow® series High Performance Water Reducers, concrete can be produced with highly improved properties in terms of capillary water absorption and pressure water penetration.

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Sika® Plastocrete® N

® Plastocrete® N is a new generation, synthetically manufactured, water reducing normal set admixture for concrete. Sika® Plastocrete® N provides a more plastic and flowable concrete, greater uniformity, increased durability, and reduced shrinkage and permeability in your concrete. Sika® Plastocrete® N meets the requirements of ASTM C 494, Type A, B and D admixture.
● Increased workability and easier placeability.
● Improved finishing characteristics for flatwork.
● Easier and faster pumping of concrete.
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SikaCem® ExtraBond-100

Mortar improver
SikaCem® ExtraBond-100 is a concentrated, milky liquid, rich in texture, suitable for use in mixtures of repair and sealant cement mortars, plasters or floor mortars.

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Sika ViscoBond®

Adjuvant for concrete and mortar
Sika ViscoBond
® is a concentrated liquid adjuvant developed for use as adhesion agent for products based on cement for indoor and outdoor applications. It is also used as adjuvant of mortars and concretes to make them waterproof, increase their maneuverability and increase resistance to traction, flexion and grip.
Areas of application:
● Adhesion agent for optimum adhesion of the coatings and screeds.
● Coatings and waterproof coatings with increased adhesion and reduction of cracks (compatible with gypsum or lime based plasters).
● Highly resistant clevises/recoveries with the dusting drop and high resistance to water and wear.
● Masonry mortar and mortar Grouting/filling for hollow masonry joints.
● Adjuvant for redress and reprofiling mortars.

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Water reducer - Concrete plasticizer
Also acts as waterproofing admixture. Reduces water permeability into concrete due to concentration optimisation and reduce of porosity. Also reduces mixing water and improves cement’s hydration.

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Water resisting admixture for concrete
Causes chemically waterproofing of concrete’s and cement mortars’ cement pulp by blocking the capillary pores. Does not cause any reduction of concrete’s strengths.

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● Corrosion inhibiting concrete admixtures
Sika® Ferrogard®-901

Sika® Ferrogard®-901 is a surface applied mixed corrosion inhibitor, designed for use as an impregnation of steel reinforced concrete. Sika FerroGard 901 is based on organic and inorganic compounds. Sika FerroGard 901 penetrates the concrete and forms a protective monomolecular layer on the surface of the reinforcing steel. Protection with Sika FerroGard 901 both delays the start of corrosion and reduces the corrosion rate. Corrosion protection with Sika FerroGard 901 increases the service and maintenance life cycles by up to 15 years when used as part of a complete Sika Concrete Repair and Protection System.

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Sika® CNI

Sika® CNI is a calcium nitrite-based admixture designed to inhibit the corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete. Sika® CNI contains a minimum of 30 % calcium nitrite by mass and meets the requirements of ASTM C 1582, Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture and ASTM C494, Type C, Accelerating Admixture. Sika® CNI is recommended for conventional steel reinforcement as well as prestressed or post-tensioned concrete that will be exposed to chlorides from marine environments or deicing salts. Sika® CNI will extend the service life of structures by effectively inhibiting corrosion, in areas such as parking garage decks and support structures, bridge decks, marine structures and many others. Sika® CNI may also be used in concrete elements where chlorides are added initially to the concrete mix. Sika® CNI is a corrosion-inhibiting admixture that provides protection against corrosion in reinforced concrete structures.
Sika® CNI:
● Extends the service life of reinforced concrete structures.
● Is recommended for use in all types of reinforced concrete, precast and/or prestressed concrete as well as ready mix applications.

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● Concrete admixtures for low temperatures
Sika® Antifreeze GR

Admixture for concreting at low temperatures
® Antifreeze GR is a liquid concrete admixture for the production and injection of concrete at low temperatures.

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● Fibers reinforced concrete
SikaFiber® Force 50

SikaFiber® Force 50 is a range of macro synthetic fibres that are extruded, embossed and then specifically cut into the required lengths for a wide range of concreting applications. It can be used in ready mixed concrete, precast and sprayed concrete applications both above and in underground situations. The embossment improves the bond within the concrete and so reduces pull-out and
enhances the concretes performance. The macro synthetic fibre has been designed to replace traditional steel reinforcement with the benefits of increased performance, reduced costs and health and safety advantages.
Uses SikaFiber® Force 50 can be used in many construction applications. They include:
● Internal floor slabs
● External hardstandings and pavements
● Precast concrete elements
● Agricultural areas
● Marine / Coastal defence concrete
● Shotcreting applications

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Novocon® XR-1050 

Novocon® XR-1050, steel fibres are designed specifically for the reinforcement of concrete, mortars and other cementitious mixes. Novocon® XR-1050 is a leading, general-purpose, low-carbon, cold drawn segment, wire fibre that is continuously deformed to provide optimum performance within the concrete mix. Novocon® XR-1050 steel fibres European Standard EN 14889-1:2006 compliant and specifically designed to meet or exceed the performance and economic requirements of our customers.
● Ground supported slabs
● Jointless floors
● External roads & pavements
● Precast
● Overlays
● Walls
● Blast-resistant concrete
● Provides uniform, multi-directional concrete reinforcement
● Increases crack resistance, ductility, energy absorption and toughness of concrete
● Improves impact resistance, fatigue endurance and shear strength of concrete.

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● Deshuttering oil for wooden formworks
Sika® Separol® N

Sika® Separol® N is a mineral-based, low-viscosity formwork remover that offers easy removal of concrete elements from smooth mold surfaces. It does not stain the surfaces, extends the life of the molds and contributes to the good aesthetic appearance of the final elements.

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Sika® Separol® W-320

Economical water-based emollient emulsion
The Sika
® Separol® W-320 is a ready-to-use, solvent-free, refined emulsion based on refined mineral oils. 

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Deshuttering oil for wooden formworks (Deshuttering Agent)
Acts in a physical way. Diluted with water (in 1:5 to 1:10 ratio) just before its use. Do not store the product in its diluted form.

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Mortar admixtures

● Mortar plasticizers
Sika® Mix Plus

® Mix Plus is a specially formulated liquid admixture for drycast concrete application. Sika® Mix Plus provides benefits of quicker wetting and enhanced cement dispersion. This allows superior cement utilization and significantly improved concrete compaction that lead to an increased concrete density, improved compressive strength and enhanced surface finish characteristics. In addition use of Sika® Mix Plus reduces concrete stickiness, especially in concrete with a higher w/c ratio or elevated concrete moisture content. This results in improved and more consistent mold filling with less density fluctuations and faster production rates.

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Mortar plasticizer
Replaces lime in mortars due to its triple action as air entraining agent, plasticizer and cement setting retarder.

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● Resins
SikaLatex® Max

Water resistant bonding agent and mortar admixture
® Max is an acrylic-polymer latex that is used as admixture for cementitious bonding bridges and high quality site-mix mortars.
● Increased adhesion
● Reduced shrinkage and cracking
● Increased abrasion resistance

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Polymer latex for multiple improvement of mortars - Dispersion for the building trade
Improves bonding to the substrate (bonding layer between old and new concrete), mechanical and chemical strengths, elasticity, waterproofing and thus resistance to frost.

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Mixing Resin for WATERBLOCK
It entirely replaces mixing water and offers high standard waterproofing especially for application on the internal side of basements.

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● Mortar elastifying agents

Mortar elastifying agent
Offers elasticity and significant improvement of adhesion to fine cement mortars, VICOLITH tile adhesives and brushable sealing slurry WATERBLOCK. It must be used where shrinkage/expansion or shifts of the substrate are expected.

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Elastifying agent of WATERBLOCK
Entirely replaces mixing water and offers flexible waterproofing system FLEXIBLOCK

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● Fibers reinforced mortar
SikaFiber® P/P

Polypropylene fibers for concrete and mortars.
® P / P 6 mm, 12mm, 18mm, due to their special production, dissolve very easily in the fresh cement mortar and create a dense network, resulting in:
● The reduction of cracks during drying
● Improving the impact resistance and tightness of hardened mortar and concrete

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Polypropylene fibers: Three-dimensional secondary concrete reinforcement
Eliminates cracks caused by concrete setting shrinkage and temperature changes. Increases initial strengths, elasticity and resistance to abrasion and impact.

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● Mortar oxide pigments
SikaCem® Color

SikaCem® Color is a colouring agent in powder form based on mineral oxides.
For colouring concrete and cementitious mortars:

● Topcoats, smoothing mortars
● Mortars used in jointing
● Slabs and concrete panels
● Renders and screeds
● For colouring lime/gypsum based renders or plasters.

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● Cement cleaning liquids

Concentrated cleaning liquid for lime and cement residues
For cleaning ceramic tiles, stone overlays, paving of concrete surfaces, building tools from cement grout crust, plaster, lime salts and rust.

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