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Εργαλεία & Προστασία
Εργαλεία & Προστασία
Tools & Protection

Tools & Protection

In TSAKONAS BUILDING MATERIALS store, you will find a wide range of amateur or professional tools and personal protective equipment at the lowest market prices!

● Mixing Dry Mortars Pumps
PFT G 4 smart

PFT G 4 smart is a continuously operating mixing pump for ready-mixed dry mortars suitable for machine use. It can be filled using bagged cargo as well as directly from a silo/container using a delivery hood or with an injection hood and the PFT SILOMAT system.
Maximum stability due to the robust frame structure with consolidated wheel support.
Pump motor: 5.5 kW, 385 rpm two-stage with inclination switch

Fields of application (For pumpable ready-mixed dry mortars such as):


● Gypsum plasters

● Lime-gypsum plasters

● Cement plasters

● Lime plasters

● Lime-cement plasters

● Fango materials

● Insulating plasters

● Recessed mortar

● Exterior basecoat

● Floating screeds

● Masonry mortar

● Premixed mortar

● Insulation materials

…and much more 



● PFT G 4 Standard

Flexible, strong and a lot of potential
With the changeable pressure flange you can use strong D and R pumps. This ensures a lot of valuable production advantages on the job site. With the integrated phase sequence monitoring a trouble-free and efficient operation of the all-rounder PFT G 4 is ensured.

Fields of application:


● Gypsum plaster

● Lime-gypsum plaster

● Cement plaster

● Insulation material

● Lime-cement plaster

● Fango material

● Insulation plaster

● Recessed material

● Masonry mortar

● Floor screed

● Levelling compound

● Adhesive mortar



● Tools for cutting thermal insulation boards
● PFT MINICUT hot wire cutting tool

Hot wire cutting tool
The practical hot wire cutting tool is the practical addition to the PFT CUTMASTER with a cutting height up to 1,350 mm and a cutting depth of 310 mm, depending on version.
Field of application: The powerful device is just perfect for building trade, industry and design. For boards up to a thickness of 140 mm or 230 mm. The PFT MINICUT 230 mm with electronic power controller for optimal adjustment of cutting temperature.

Advantages at a glance:

● ready to cut in 10 seconds

● no dust

● insulated for your safety

● no statically charging

● bezel made of stainless steel can be changed easily

Technical data:

While cutting: 12 s on / 48s off

Temperature of cutting: max. 500° C

Weight with cutting edge: approx. 1 kg-0.6 kg.



● PFT CUTMASTER 1100/310 including cutter for rafters

The hot wires for rational application of insulation panels
Accurate to the millimetre. The PFT CUTMASTER is reduced in the construction to the bare essentials. But for the fast, clean and precise workflow the CUTMASTER has everything.

Technical data:

Cutting height: 1,110 mm

Cutting depth: on 90 degree 310 mm

Mitre cuts laterally: Cutting bows on the right and left side, tilting to 45° angle

Cutting bows: Made by aluminium with integrates push button

Stand base: Folding feet enable to work on the scaffold, freestanding working with third removeable feet

Aluminium support angle lenght (left / right): 980 / 420 mm (including longitudinal scale)

Base plae: Multi-layer board coated-water resistant

Twice fuse protection transformer - safe and powerful: High cutting speed and a short heating time

Transformer: Primary 230 V, 50 Hz | Secundary 28 V, power 150 VA (protection against splashing water)

Dimension for transport (D / W / H): 190 / 700 / 1,350 mm

Total weight: 17 kg



● Electric tools

Our range includes:

Electric wheels
Electric jigsaws
Electric drills
Washing Machines and several more electric tools, as well as all the accessories ...

● Construction tools

Our range includes:

Laser measures
Cement trolleys
Concrete scissors
and many more construction tools ...

● Personal protection items

Our range includes:

Working overalls
Knee pads
and many more items of personal protection ...

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● Hand tools

Our range includes:

Rakes Cutters
and many more hand tools ...

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● Αντλίες

In our store Tsakonas Panagiotis Construction Materials & Earthworks, we have a large collection of water and sewage pumps for different uses and applications always at the best market prices.

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