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Drywall Systems

With the term drywall system we call the construction of buildings without the use of traditional materials (concrete, bricks, cement, sand, lime etc.), but with the help of standardized new technology products (plasterboards, cement boards & mineral fibers). Such standardized products are mainly cement, gypsum or mineral fiber slabs. These plates are placed on a prefabricated metal frames with the help of support systems and then give the finishing a smooth surface ready for painting, wallpapering or tiling.


Our range of quality plasterboards includes standard wallboard for general use and a comprehensive range of high performance boards with specific characteristics to enhance performance in the areas of: Moisture resistance, Sound reduction and reverberation, Impact resistance, Fire protection, Control of water vapour and Thermal insulation.
Each of our boards is colour-coded to the industry standard to ease recognition. They are available with tapered or square edge profiles and in a wide range of sizes suitable for all applications.

Standard plasterboard A

Fireproof plasterboard
Dimensions: 1.200X2.000X12,5mm

Plasterboard with anhydrous H2

Boards for external use

Boards for external use Knauf [GUARD]EX®

General purpose cement boards Aquapanel Universal

General purpose cement boards Aquapanel Outdoor®

Metal Profiles (Corner Beads Profiles)

Perimeter guide Knauf UD  0,6mm

Dimensions: Angular profile Length 3000 mm

Drywall Stud Amfil CW  0,5mm
Amfil CW-50X50X0,5mm Length 3000 mm
Amfil CW-75X50X0,5mm Length 3000 mm
Amfil CW-100X50X0,5mm Length 3000 mm

Drywall Track Amfil UW  0,5mm
Amfil UW-50X40X0,5mm Length 3000 mm
Amfil UW-75X40X0,5mm Length 3000 mm
Amfil UW-100X40X0,5mm Length 3000 mm

Ceiling guide stud CD  0,5mm
Amfil CD-60X27X0,5mm Length 3000 mm
Amfil CD-60X27X0,5mm Length 4000 mm
Amfil CD-60X27X0,5mm Length 5000 mm

Perimeter ceiling guide Amfil UD  0,5mm

Dimensions: UD 37Χ28Χ18Χ0,5mm Length 3000 mm

Plasterboard Cornerbeads
Cornerbead Knauf Galvanized Wall-Corner protection 31/31/0,55mm Length 3000 mm
Cornerbead Knauf Aluminium  Wall-Corner protection 25/25/045mm Length 2500 mm
Cornerbead Knauf Aluminium  Wall-Corner protection 25/25/045mm Length 3000 mm
Flexible Cornerbead Knauf Aluminium Length 30400mm

Cornerbeads special pieces of ready-made plasters
Internal Plaster Cornerbead Length 2800 mm
Internal plastering Guide Length 2800 mm

Profil pvc
Cornerbead THERMOPROSOPSIS 100x100mm 2500 mm
Profil water dropper AQUAPANEL THERMOPROSOPSIS Length 2500 mm

Coating materials

Jointing and finishing systems

The finishing technique is the key to the quality of drywall construction. For the best quality we offer the following joint and surface finishing systems:

Knauf Uniflot 5kg

Gypsum filler for hand filling of drywall systems. Is a special gypsum-based synthetically enhanced powdery material set by the use of additives to be ideal to its field of application. Special advantages: Low drying shrinkage, Very high joint stability, Particularly easy to fill with creamy, pliable consistency, Quick development of hardness, Quick drying, Easy to grind with Knauf Abranet sanding mesh & Setting time approx. 45 minutes.

Knauf Uniflot-Moisture Resistant 5kg

Material based on special plaster and enriched with various admixtures for high-strength gypsum board, fibreboard and perforated plasterboard. It is water repellent and has the same color as the unglazed Knauf plasterboard.

Knauf Fugenfuller-Moisture Resistant 5kg

It consists of special plaster and admixtures and is in powder form. It is hydrophobic, green in color adapted for use with unhydrated plasterboard.

Knauf Fugenfuller-Leicht 5kg & 25kg

Fugenfuller-Leicht is a gypsum based product, suitable for jointing gypsumboards. A joint tape is necessary.
Knauf Perfilx 30kg

Knauf Perlfix construction adhesive is a gypsum-based powder mix with additives of polymeric substances, due to which the function of coupling with various types of surfaces is increased. Mainly used for facing works. Without problems, she will put sheets of drywall, foam plastic or mineral wool. Knauf Perlfix should be used indoors with standard humidity. It can be slightly elevated, but it is forbidden to apply this glue in places where water can get into. From this it also follows that in the process of work it is not necessary to treat the working surface with water, otherwise the glue will not stick or will soon become unusable.

Knauf F2F

Filler To Finish
Knauf F2F is a ready-to-use material. To adjust the application properties, it can be diluted with small amounts of water.
Stir Knauf F2F very well with a mixer. Use clean tools. For machine application deplete Knauf F2F delivered in foil bags via a bag mangle directly into an airless gadget.
Use on walls and ceilings. High-performance, multi-task compound for embedding joint tape, finishing drywall and more.

Coat mortar for Plasterboards

Sheetrock All Purpose

An easy-to-work product for fast and smooth finishing of joints. Can be used to tape and finish joint in partitions and ceilings and is suitable for use with paper tape, paper-faced beads and metal corner beads.
Comes ready-mixed for minimal preparation and has a smooth application for long-lasting performance.
Comes in 20kg tubs.

Sheetrock Finitura
Ready-to-use finishing material, very smooth finish for hand and airless machine use. Suitable for plastering of plasterboard, concrete and surface plasters in a very thin layer with Q4 surface quality. Generic finishing putty for indoor use. Ensures a perfect end result in backgrounds such as: plaster, traditional plaster, concrete and plasterboard.

Sealing & Fitting Tapes

Fibre Glass Joint Tape


Anti-alkaline Glass Joint Tape for cement board

Foam adhesive soundproof tape

Ceiling Linings

Interior Decorative Ceilings
Knauf decorative ceilings offer freedom of architectural compositions that impress with their imaginative details and give identity to space.
Suitable for store & supermarket ceilings.

AMF Ecomin mineral fiber plates

Sound-absorbing mineral fiber-insulating ceiling with perforation, sound absorption and sound damping, non-combustible, resistant to 95% relative humidity, light reflection LR = 88%, produced with or without shoulders.

Indoor Acoustic Ceiling
In Knauf acoustic ceiling there is a gap between the fixing base and the suspended ceiling which is available for the incorporation of mineral wool layers that contribute to the sound absorption capability of the roof as well as a variety of facilities.
It is suitable for meeting rooms.

Internal fireproof ceiling
The fireproof ceiling offers fire protection at the same time on both sides of the slab either individually on one side.
It is suitable for restaurant and taverns.

Danoline inside openable ceilings
Indoor Visible Perforated Ceiling DanolineKnauf lighT-System Cartridges.
Danoline Ceiling Panels are the obvious choice for achieving peak acoustic performance and excellent aesthetics. The painted side can be cleaned with a damp cloth and light cleaners. The plates can be painted with a small wool roll, taking care not to get a color on the back. This treatment does not reduce the acoustic behavior.

Screws, Suspensions & Accessories

In our shop you will find a complete range of special screws, suspensions & Knauf & Amfil accessories for every drywall system building process, always at the best prices! Indicatively, you can find a wide variety of sheet metal screws, plugs, drywall screws, THERMOPROSOPSIS expanding plugs and various mounting aids.

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